A Genie’s Dream Founder Allison Gondoli Tells Her Story


Hi! My name is Allison Gondoli and I am the founder and creative mastermind behind “A Genie’s Dream.”

I created “A Genie’s Dream” to inspire women from all over the globe to unleash their imagination when they are feeling the most vulnerable, through showcasing and sharing products made by women for women.

I believe when women support each other and showcase their talents we are a force that can achieve miracles together. My vision is to create a special experience for women with each fun cylinder that you receive each month. To bring connection back between mother & daughter, and daughter with father. To foster and inspire connections that bond families together. I also aim to bring more conscious awareness and intention around the products we use in our daily lives. I believe in supporting local that sustains the community with a purpose.

At a “Genie’s dream,” we feature craftsmanship from talented female artists in our community to inspire creativity in other women. We consciously select brands that share the same vision we do; from the packaging that is used, to the purpose and intention behind the products. We choose to share products that are good for women’s health and wealth. With our monthly tubes, we show that with some love, quality products, and education, you can be your best creative self during “that” time of the month.  

“A Genie’s Dream” was inspired within me in 2017. I had been going through difficult times. I was struggling with the loss of a beloved friend, and trying to find the courage to safely navigate myself out of a destructive relationship. 

I was in a vulnerable place of need. During that time, the needs of other women were brought to my awareness. Women in many third-world countries are denied the celebration of becoming a woman. In addition to this, many of them are unable to access the education, tools and safe products to help them during their own times of vulnerability. This natural, inevitable “gift” from mother nature presents itself once a month… impacting these women daily, for more than half of their life. Without tools and education, this gift can easily be perceived as a burden. I wanted to start an initiative that would celebrate our natural bodily cycles instead of shaming it. It became my personal dream to share products that are good for the individual, the environment, and community with other women. To curate brands that inspire creativity and to help unlock women’s imaginations. To bring awareness to different countries on the availability of hygiene products. To unite women to step into their power. 

I believe we are here to help one another through the natural and vulnerable moments in life. To help someone else free up space in one’s mind, body and spirit…. leaving space for inspiration to pursue their dreams, as individuals. My vision is to create a ripple effect of women helping women. 

“A Genie’s Dream” has accomplished some great steps towards its vision. One of them is that we’re working towards becoming a zero-waste company, and to give back and support our local community. It’s our firm mission to spread love and joy wherever we go, and pay it forward. Our causes range from planting trees and beach and park cleanups, to supporting local cause-related events like Earth Day, Pride Festival, and hosting local events at the SLC Woman Ladies Literacy Clubhouse. It’s my hope that “A Genie’s Dream” will inspire you, and that you will join forces with us to promote creativity, health and wellbeing!


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Great concept if only women would gain a preference for this type of experience over there destructive inner selves from a genie who knows….

janet Kirkland

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