About Us

Our mission at A Genie's Dream is to inspire women from all over the globe to unleash their imagination when they are feeling the most vulnerable, through showcasing and sharing products made by women for women.

At a “Genie’s dream,” we feature craftsmanship from talented female artists in our community to inspire creativity in other women. We consciously select brands that share the same vision we do; from the packaging that is used, to the purpose and intention behind the products. We choose to share products that are good for women’s health and wealth. With our monthly tubes, we show that with some love, quality products, and education, you can be your best creative self during “that” time of the month.  


Cycle of 3
We're all about empowering women and the individual. Behind each tube, there is a Cycle of 3: support for small businesses, repurpose tubes, and stories of individuals. We focus on having products that are handcrafted by women entrepreneurs, we advocate a healthy environment by repurposing our sturdy tubes in many creative (and fabulous) ways, and we highlight the stories of the people behind the creation of A Genie's Dream.

We want to make it a movement to inspire women to unleash the creative spark within themselves to unleash their inner genie. It is a never-ending cycle of giving and sharing.



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