Meet Kimberly!

Meet Kimberly!


     Our Goddess of the Month is Miss Kimberly Koeing

Kimberly is the Owner/CEO/Mystical Wizard of House of Good Juju.  

You may remember from previous months we had the privilege of sharing her amazing Rose Quartz Crystal Candles:  New Moon, Mermaid Magick and Chakra Balancing Candles. 
We were beyond ecstatic when she agreed to make our Custom, a Genie's Dream Mist, infused with Sunstone, Citrine, and Moonstone.
By far my favorite mist ever!
This Beautiful Goddess, has a pure passion in bringing her tools to life. She is a divine healer, light worker, and spiritual guru.
The most amazing aspect of her business is that every item is hand crafted during the full moon, what better way to celebrate your Goddess Divine Energy than proper tools to inspire, and nourish your mind, body, and spirit.
You will be seeing more of miss Kimberly curating in different Raw Goddess Subscriptions, and in Our Lifestyle Kit. 
Use Discount code KIMMIE for 50% off our Raw Goddess Subscription 
Make sure you website, and follow her
Positive Mystiques for You and Your Home! We are Purveyors of Good JuJu!
Spiritual, Mystical and Magickal Mists, Soy Candles, Oils, Washes,  and JuJus'. Everything to Cleanse, Bless, Protect, and bring Abundance to your home and space. All items crafted with Positive Intent. Always conjured with White Light and crafted when the moon is right! Tools to inspire positive change. Natural ingredient items that are a perfect accompaniment to Yoga, Meditation, Energy and Spiritual work. Our products are meant to inspire and aid you on your Spiritual Journey. Healing with Love, Light, and Good JuJu. 
Love, Light, and Good JuJu-
Our goal is to unleash the inner goddess within you, by providing you the tools that will cure your mind, body, and spirit that are made by local women who also share that same vision.
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