Meet Tilly

Meet Tilly

Tilly is infamous for her creativity, passion, majestic hair, and free spirit. 

She's a small town girl with a big heart, and vision for a world bigger than herself. Anything Tilly touches turns to gold. She dances to her own beat of her drum, and the universe guides her to the most enchanting places

About a year ago she decided to unlock more of her talents, and start face painting.

She gave herself a goal to try a new look every month for the next year. She progressed, and inspired everyone along the way. 

A Genie's Dream is all about unleashing the imagination, and following your bliss. 

Tilly is the perfect example of finding your passion, and not giving up along the way

We are beyond ecstatic about her joining our Team, and we are excited for you to follow her journey at .

Our Dream is to unleash that inner spark, and imagination that is within us all. Aspire to Inspire. Share your talents with the world!  



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