A Genie’s Dream is a new time of the month subscription “Tube” for women to get gifts they actually want when mother nature brings the gift we really don’t. This was sent to us for review purposes, there are 2 types of tubes to choose from, the “Lady Tube”- That will ensure happiness when she receives it. Lady Tube contains organic tampons, pads and or liners, jewelry, make-up, candy and more for $25 a month. The “RAW Tube”- Contains all organic items from Teas, soaps, oils, healing crystals, and of course tampons and pads for $40 a month.

This is the Review of the February Lady Tube

Super Comfy Slippers by Nollia these are a size med 7-8 which is my size so that’s cool. They are seriously so soft inside… I love them, they also have the skid resistant soles which is nice when you have an entire home full of hardwood floors.

5 organic pads wrapped up nicely in valentines day themed paper. My daughter said these pads worked well and did not leak at all, she liked them better than the U by kotex that she usually uses.


Just look at this gorgeous candle it has a tiny rosebud, rose quartz, and red coral infused inside it. I have never had a candle quite like this and quite frankly it’s too pretty to burn, I eventually will but for now I’m happy with the beauty it brings to my coffee table. This is made by: House of Good juju this very special candle was made on a Friday during the waning moon to bring forth desires. There is so much more divine information about this candle/company on the enclosed card.

5 organic multi-absorbency tampons by: Cora. These were wrapped up very adorable to go with the valentines theme.



Here we have some lovely beauty items. A mermaid cosmetic bag that goes from black to purple, boy did this start a war between my 2 teenage daughters! They both love it so to make it fair it’s mine now :). An adorable purple kiss lip bath bomb that smells so good the package says the glitter is micro biodegradable glitter that is safe for the environment. A seashell lip balm this has a nice non-sticky feel which made my lips soft and it barely has a scent or smell which I greatly appreciate. Finally a Max Makeup Cherimoya liquid lipstick in a metallic nude color (swatched below) I’ve tried so many lipsticks and I love this one it stayed put with no transfer for hours, my new fav!

What would a period box be without a few pieces of chocolate, we got 3 Palmer chocolate hearts a peanut butter, cookies & cream, and double crisp. Enclosed was also a personalized card that had my name written on it


Nicole’s Notes:

I’ve done a few period box reviews and I seem to like this one quite a bit my daughter, who is the only one who uses these women items, said she liked this box the best. She thought the slippers, makeup bag and candle along with the pads and tampons were really nice she said she felt as if someone made a box of period comfort and gifts just for her. In my professional opinion everything was packaged nicely and the value was there. This is an all around great box to make a woman fell special. If you like this box click my link below and add promo code Nicole at checkout to receive 20% off!


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